Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

Marcia K:

The first time I met Mike was in Sept 2018 at one of your Senior Seminars…DOWNSIZING. This topic interested me as I was beginning to do just that. You know… to let go of “stuff” that I didn’t “need” anymore. I didn’t realize…until that day…just how big a deal it is to so many people… especially those of us who are getting, or are, in our senior years. Also, the speakers you had were very informative and helpful. The information I obtained from that one seminar has proven to be and still is very valuable.

Another interest of mine was that you are also  a Realtor.  So… I asked you if you could or would possibly help me do something with my home. At that time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to renovate, replace or just move. This was a major decision I knew I had to make.

We’ll…you stepped up to the plate and helped walk me through the entire process. You talked with me and made recommendations which I had not even thought about. You actually listened to to me. Now I was beginning to doubt if you were a “real” realtor because realtors don’t usually listen. Generally  it’s just all about money… potentially theirs. But not you! You went above and beyond anything I could have expected. Anyone else probably would have given up after the first prospect… especially when we made a couple of “disheartening” discoveries (I’ll leave it at that).

Thank God you stayed in there and gave me hope. To me, it was a hard sell but you amazingly sold my place after being on the market only a couple months…and at a reasonable price. I don’t (or need to) know how you did it…but you must have talked the socks off somebody. Now that’s a Realtor who cares!

Oh… I haven’t forgotten about your Senior Seminars. As you know, I still try to attend most of them. You cover a lot of topics which concern (or should) everyone. Plus, through  the speakers, I am learning there is a lot of help out there.

Now, when I talk with anyone who is…or becoming…or know…a Senior Person, I strongly recommend they start attending. And…the Seminars are free. Not much of that these days. I urge people to at least contact you because you are a wealth of information and will patiently help guide them in a direction they can trust…as a Senior Advocate as well as a Realtor.

I know you have been a God-send for me and may He continue to bless you in all that you do!

Thank you,

Tanya K:

I cannot say enough about how valuable Mike Flahaven has been to our family.  Back in 2013, we were looking for a condo in the UCF area for our daughter. That is when we met Mike.  He helped us find the perfect place.  He gave us great advice to help us make a decision, like driving through the complexes at night and on weekends, and talking to current residents.  Jump ahead to 2017, and it was time to sell the condo.  Mike was there again for us.  He coached us through the process once again, making it easy and convenient for us, as well as ensuring we received top dollar!  
Around that same time in 2017, Mike helped us navigate a very difficult change for our family.  My aging parents needed to downsize.  One was on board with idea and one was not.  Mike’s knowledge of senior services and downsizing was priceless.  He got us through selling a house, that was not worth what my parents thought it was, purchasing a smaller, nicer place for them, and some financing options ( HECM )  we did not know existed.  All the while having to deal with my cranky father…Now my parents do not struggle on a fixed income and are in a much nicer place. 
Although we do not see Mike frequently now, he checks in on us from time to time.  I consider him part of my extended family!  Please reach out to him for your real estate needs, senior or not!  I guarantee you will not be disappoint

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