Express Offers Could Be a Perfect Pandemic Solution for Senior Homeowners in Florida Smarter Seminars Downsizing Made Easy

Express Offers Could Be a Perfect Pandemic Solution for Senior Homeowners in Florida

What is an Express Offer?

Express Offers is the iBuyer Program offered through EXP Realty.

An iBuyer is a real estate investor that uses an automated valuation model (known as an AVM) and other technology to make cash offers on homes quickly. Since they rely on a mountain of data points on comparable home sales, an iBuyer will often purchase homes sight unseen.

The ‘i’ in i-Buyer often refers to ‘internet’ but can also imply ‘instant’ or ‘institutional.’ iBuyers are commonly companies that buy houses online, rather than individual real estate investors. A typical investor is aimed at compiling a portfolio or flipping homes for a profit. The trend of buying and selling homes online, iBuying, provides home sellers an alternative to the traditional selling process.

Sellers now have the option of listing traditionally, listing for sale by owner or selling to an iBuyer. When you sell to an iBuyer, you take control of the home selling process. Rather than focusing on curb appeal and professional photos to attract the right buyer, you can focus on your own moving and buying duties.

Simply put it’s a new way of selling your home, fast. Now, fast doesn’t mean ‘cheaper’. It just means fast.

Read on to learn more.

The Average Flaw of the iBuyer Process

Once a homeowner decides to explore the iBuyer route, they fill out a form with a company and that company usually has a few Realtors with whom they work. They guide the process along for the seller.

The issue is usually that the seller is not able to ‘select’ the Realtor with whom they’ll work.

Difference between our iBuyer program and most others on today’s market is simple. Express Offers doesn’t follow the typical iBuyer model. Rather than purchasing homes, Express Offers operates as the middleman using agents to connect sellers with other cash buyers.

This becomes infinitely important for Seniors and anyone aiding a Senior in the sale of their home. You need to know, trust and communicate well with the agent in charge of your transaction.

Add to that our current pandemic and going this route could be an unbelievable ‘win’ for a Senior homeowner! The home could be sold quickly, for today’s market value and with little disruption to the daily life of the Senior homeowner.

The Express Offers program advantages offered over other iBuying platforms in uncertain times include considerations such as:

    1. Our Express Offers program has some advantages over other iBuying platforms in uncertain times:
      We have multiple iBuyers with different company sizes, territories and investment strategies (Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip and Land purchases). So, even if some are being more cautious, others will be ready to buy.
    2. Buy & Hold investment strategies work well in a down market. Investors like rental markets because people tend to rent a property, rather than buy in economic uncertainty. Investors like getting properties at a lower price, holding them and letting them appreciate over time. However, Buy and Hold iBuyers are negatively affected right now due to the moratorium on evictions, which may cause them to buy less until the moratorium is lifted.
    3. Fix & Flip iBuyers are still purchasing properties, but they will be very prudent in their purchasing decisions and are looking for wide margins! So, it’s best to only submit properties that are a very good deal.
    4. Smaller iBuyers are actually more likely to buy in uncertain times than larger iBuyers because they have less overhead.
    5. Our iBuyers are waiting for more information from the government, Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and their investors before deciding how much the Coronavirus pandemic affects their business.
    6. The Big 3 – Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow Offers are pausing indefinitely, so we are the only option for iBuying platforms.
    7. Benefits that help us stand out to consumers:
      1. Cash offers in as little as two days
      2. Skip the hassle of staging and showing.
      3. Pick your closing date.
      4. No obligation offers.
      5. No convenience fees.
      6. Multiple offers possible on your home.
      7. Skip out of pocket repairs.
      8. Agent expertise every step of the way!
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