A Beautiful Tribute and A Story of Love


A Beautiful Tribute and A Story of Love

April 23, 2020 Michael Flahaven

Here is a beautiful tribute to a man who loved his wife dearly and misses her immensely.

As I began my second seminar, What You Should Know About HEALTH, one of the attendees was a familiar face. That familiar face was a neighbor of mine. As I pass by his home during my daily walks, if the garage door is open I will meander in to visit with him for 15-30 minutes. He looks forward to that because he has become very lonely. Keep in mind, this familiar face from three to four years ago use to spend time at the community pool swimming laps until his doctor recommended he not because he was experiencing ear problems. Today, he gets around using a walker or is pushed around in a wheelchair for precautionary reasons.

The reason why this man is lonely is that he has recently lost his wife of 45+ years. They lived together up to the end in their home with around the clock staff to take care of the both of them. They made a pact to live in their home under their conditions up to the end or until the money ran out. The money never ran out, to this day he still lives in their home of course with less staff and without her.

He would share with me during those occasional visits about the times he and his wife made their annual trek for 1-3 months at a time visiting their favorite place Barcelona, Spain. He spoke about the friends they made over the years, the times they spent at the beach, and the excellent cuisine they would experience but never did he share a particular talent his wife had. I found out about that particular talent the day I began my second seminar.

I thought that he heard about my seminar and was there to participate and learn ways to stay healthy. He has always amazed me with the spunk and fire he has at his age. He was not there for the seminar as we learned later he was there to sit and view what was on the wall in that section of the library. On the wall were oil paintings and those oil paintings were done by his wife with scenes from their many trips to Barcelona. This was her special talent.

He left early and apologized that he crashed my party. I was thrilled that he was there.  As he and his caregiver were leaving, I found out he was there to view the oil paintings in peace on his birthday. Yes, his birthday, 96th to be exact. He was there to sit in solace on his birthday to view these magnificent paintings his wife had done while they vacationed in Spain and to reminisce on his 96th birthday the love and times that he spent with his wife who by the way passed recently at 101 years of age.

This remarkable man is very lonely as he misses his wife and partner immensely.

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