YourFloridaHaven and Azpira Deliver Happiness Through Gourmet-to-Go Event


YourFloridaHaven and Azpira Deliver Happiness Through Gourmet-to-Go Event

July 13, 2020 Michael Flahaven

Dinner is an important aspect of a Senior’s schedule. The best time of the day is when you get to enjoy a good meal. It makes it even better when that meal is fresh, delicious and you’re with friends.

Eating out at restaurants was a favorite past-time for many Seniors. Now, we’ve had an unfortunate shift in this dynamic with no thanks to the recent Coronavirus. Seniors have to be more careful and that means staying home.

The sad result being that far too many Seniors are resorting to pre-prepared or frozen meals at home. My Senior clients and friends talk on this subject consistently. Being around others is vital to Senior health. It’s as important as good food.

I’m always trying to find ways to help in these areas. One day, last June, I heard of an event at Azpira Assisted Living Facility in Windemere.

Gourmet – To -Go Event

The good folks at Azpira got together and created the ‘Gourmet – to Go’. This event helped supplement area Senior meals with the chef-prepared meals served daily to residents at the facility.

Through my resources, I heard of the event and inquired about it and to see if I could participate.

When I spoke with Amanda Mosel, Community Relations Manager at Azpira, she was delighted to offer me meals to deliver out. She also explained all about the event.

The facility management and staff got together and talked about the very issue of this pandemic and the quality of food Seniors at home are eating.

It’s especially hard for Seniors who live on their own. Led by Azpira’s Culinary Experience Manager, Cassandra, the entire culinary team curated a decadent menu for Seniors. They then prepared 70-80 chef-prepared to-go meals!

Jumping in My Car

I asked Amanda if I could come and pick up some meals and deliver them. This was something I caught wind of kind of last-minute. Despite the rush, I was still able to pick up three meals!

I was excited to get them. I knew exactly where I was going with them!

I’ve been delivering Meals on Wheels for a few years now. It’s wonderful and I adore the people I deliver to. I love volunteering.

Getting hold of the chef-prepared meals that smelled delicious was on a completely different level! Plus, there was dessert!

Yes, you could say, I jumped in my car to go get those meals. I delivered them to three wonderful Senior friends who are just incredible people.

The Difference Caring Makes

When I pulled up to Azpira, the first thing I noticed was how nicely everything was laid out. Everyone was polite and friendly.

The food was packaged and ready to go. There also were samples laid out in display so you could see what was being provided. They were nicely packaged and everything smelled great.

I was eager to get on the road.

Each delivery was met with smiles, happiness and gratitude. You could see the difference just this simple act of a delivering a freshly-prepared meal made.

It was a fun day. I had a great experience with this last-minute event and will/would definitely do it again given the opportunity.

You know, as we navigate this pandemic, we see the numbers, the challenges and the grand scale in the way this affecting us all. We all sometimes feel like there’s nothing we can do to make a difference.

It really is , many times, just the littles things though. Sometimes it’s a simple as a hot meal and helping to know you made someone feel a little better that day.

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